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Things to Know Before Your First Telemental Health Appointment


  • You will be asked to confirm your identity at the start of the appointment, provide your current location, and the name of an emergency contact person with their information should an emergent or urgent situation occur while receiving telehealth services.
  • Please ensure that you are appropriately attired, in a secure/confidential space, and not under the influence of alcohol or other substances while participating in a tele-mental health encounters. Additionally, attending behavior is expected as if you are in an in-person session or consultation; this means you should be stationary and available to focus during your scheduled time. If you are unable to make these provisions during your scheduled time, the appointment will be rescheduled. 
  • Please keep in mind that tele-mental health services are not appropriate for all clients and their needs. If tele-mental health would not allow for the suitable delivery of supportive therapeutic services that aligns with your needs, alternative options will be discussed.