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Groups and Workshops

Due to COVID-19, our therapy groups and weekly workshops are being offered virtually. Group counseling and workshops provide students with an opportunity to meet in a safe, supportive setting with other students who share similar concerns and issues. Our virtual drop-in workshops do not require registration and you can join by clicking on the workshop link on this page or on I-Engage.  Although registration is optional, you can register for workshops through the Patient Portal to receive workshop reminders.  To participate in a therapy group, you must be a current Counseling Center client and participate in a group screening with the group facilitator.  


Trauma Survivors Support Group, For more information contact Alyssa Good, LPC at 361-825-2703 Silencing Your Inner Critic Group Wednesdays 1pm starting 9/23/20, call 361-825-2703 for more info

Relationship Skills Group Sept 4 through Oct 16, A virtual counseling group designed for students identifying as non-neurotypical or on the autism spectrum, to sign up for this group or to request disability-related accommodations, please contact Stephanie Majors at 361-825-2703 or

Relationship Skills to resume in Spring 2021



Tuesdays at 11am:

Webex link to join Brain Breaks Workshop


Thursdays at 11am:

Coping Toolbox workshops will provide students with simple and effective ways to cope with anxiety and depression, Sept 3 - Nov 19, call 361-825-2703 for more information
Webex Link to join Coping Toolbox Workshop


Fridays at 11am:

Anxiety and Mindfulness Coping Toolbox Workshops, students will learn to recognize anxiety symptoms and triggers and practice simple but powerful strategies for coping with and reducing anxiety, meets Sept 4 - Nov 6, call 361-825-2703 for more details
Webex Link to join Anxiety & Mindfulness Toolbox Workshop