Training Program

The TAMUCC University Counseling Center (UCC) training programs offer year-long practicum and internship placements for master’s level graduate students training to become clinicians. We utilize a Practitioner-Scholar training model to provide trainees of varying levels an atmosphere that is developmentally sensitive, growth oriented, and professionally supportive. Experiential and didactic learning opportunities assist trainees in further defining their theoretical orientation, facilitate the rapid acquisition of basic and advanced therapeutic skills, and provide the clinical knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a successful independent practitioner.

 Program Requirements

Our training program has been designed to allow practicum and internship students to meet the requirements for both the psychology and counseling master’s academic programs. Additionally, trainees will find our program also meets requirements for several licenses (e.g. LPA, LPC, Psychologist). For our program to meet this variety of expectations, we ask the following of our trainees:

  • Trainees are required to commit to a yearlong placement with our program, typically consisting of the fall and spring semesters.
    • The UCC Training Program values their responsibilities as gatekeepers for the profession and program staff reserves the right to release trainees from their commitment at any point in the academic year due to concerns of ethics, professionalism, or incompetence.
  • Trainees are required to complete 12-20+ hours weekly on site during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 8-5p).
    • Occasional after-hours, weekend, and alternate-schedule opportunities may arise during the semester. Trainees are not be required to work outside of business hours, but many choose to do so based on their individual interests and training needs.
  • Trainees are required to be engaged in onsite or at UCC sanctioned outreach activities for at least 14 weeks during the semester.

Due to COVID-19 the UCC Training Program is currently requiring trainees to be on-site to provide services via telementalhealth while the TAMUCC campus remains open for in-person courses.

  • MANDATORY Orientation for new UCC trainees will occur each semester the week BEFORE classes start. While training schedule varies, trainees should plan to be available for up to 3 full days of trainings during that week

Due to COVID-19 the UCC Training Program Orientation will be conducted remotely for Fall 2020.


Please note that on occasion the UCC may be able to accommodate students needing a secondary site or summer placements. These requests are considered on a case by case basis. Please contact the UCC Training Coordinator for more information.


 Weekly Training Schedules

Because the UCC provides a wide variety of prevention and clinical services, trainees often have opportunities to be involved in many of the following activities:

  • Academic Skill Coaching
  • Group Therapy and Workshops
  • Program Development
  • Biofeedback/Mindfulness
  • Individual Therapy
  • Psychological Testing
  • Didactic Trainings
  • Outreach Events & Services
  • Walk-In-Services/Triage


Due to COVID-19, some clinical services and training experiences may not be available to 2020-2021 trainees.

 The training program is designed to provide the following weekly activities:

  • 1 hour of individual supervision with licensed clinical supervisors (CLICK HERE TO MEET THE STAFF)
  • 1 hour of group didactic training and supervision
  • 50-60% of your hours will be devoted to direct service
  • 20-30% of your hours will be spent in indirect services, such as time for your clinical documentation or reviewing tapes of your sessions with clients.


Please note, each semester weekly schedules for trainees are coordinated based on trainee availability, clinic needs, and space concerns. Thus, it is important in your application to be as flexible yet as accurate as possible.


 Application Requirements

We understand our application requirements may be more intensive than other training sites and encourage interested students to begin working on materials for submission in a timely manner. 


The following materials are required for an application packet to be considered completed:

    • Your expectations and goals for your training.
    • Your strengths and weaknesses as a clinician in training.
    • What qualities you look for in a supervisor and your expectations for clinical supervision.
  • A Curriculum Vitae that includes any relevant mental health experience.
  • A Graduate transcript (a copy or “Degree Planner” pdf is acceptable)
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
    • Recommenders are welcome to submit their letters directly to the Training Coordinator.
    • One letter should be from a supervisor who has recently monitored your clinical work. If you do not have previous clinical training experience, please furnish a letter from a professor who has observed your skills in class (e.g., role plays, assessment).
    • The second letter may be from a professor or work supervisor.

Applicants are requested to submit materials as one complete packet via email; however, individually submitted materials are acceptable.

Please note, due to potential conflicts of interest, the UCC does not consider applications from students who have received UCC individual or group services within the past academic year.

Application Deadlines & Interview Timelines

Fall 2020

Application Submission Period Begins

Monday July 6th

Completed Application Due Date

Monday July 20th by 8 am

Conducting WebEx Interviews

Monday July 27th to Friday 31st

Site Placement Offers Extended

Friday July 31st by 8 pm


Please send all application materials and questions about the training program to the UCC Training Coordinator:

staff photo - Alison Marks

Dr. Alison Marks

(361) 825-2703