Information for Parents

The college years can offer your son or daughter great opportunities for intellectual growth, self-discovery and social involvement. These opportunities can also present your son or daughter with a variety of unique challenges.

Parents of Freshman & Transfer Students

Freshman and transfer students may face a variety of unique adjustments and challenges including navigating their new college environment, adjusting to living with roommates, coping with being away from family and friends, and assuming more responsibility for managing activities of daily living (e.g., cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping). Making new friends and adjusting to the college social environment may come naturally for some students, however, other students may experience loneliness and may be worried about attending meetings or events with new people. New students who were accustomed to attending classes daily in high school, now must acclimate to the college academic schedule which often includes classes on alternating days, classes which include both lecture and lab sections, and free periods during the day between classes. While many students appreciate the freedom of this schedule, some may find it challenging to keep up with text book reading and to realistically assess how much time is needed to prepare for a test or to write a paper. Many students also find that the volume of text book reading is greater in college and that the grading standards for papers and projects are more rigorous.

Parents of Upper Class Students

Although adjusting to starting college is definitely a major transition and adjustment, students who have been attending TAMU-CC for awhile may also experience a variety of challenges. Stressors that affect many students include adjusting to the increased demands of upper level courses, choosing a major and career, balancing work and school and extracurricular activities, coping with relationships, and dealing with different types of losses.


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