Psychiatric Services

For some students, psychotropic medication may be an important component of their mental health treatment plan.   At the University Counseling Center (UCC), our perspective is that for students needing psychiatry services, an integrated treatment plan should also include regular and on-going counseling treatment.  For this reason, students may see the psychiatrist only via referral from a UCC clinician who they are meeting with on a regular basis for on-going therapy.  If a student is in counseling with an off-campus counseling provider or is not interested in on-going counseling, the UCC cannot provide psychiatric care, but can assist with a referral to a community provider for medication evaluation/management.  Due to the current prevalence of misuse and abuse of stimulant medication on college campuses, the Counseling Center psychiatrist will not prescribe stimulant medication for students seeking treatment for ADHD.  

The UCC psychiatrist is in the office one day per week while classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters and one half day per week during the summer sessions.  Psychiatric services are by appointment only.   We do not provide on-call psychiatric coverage during weekends, evenings, or when campus is closed.  The UCC psychiatrist cannot provide refills on medications prescribed by another provider.  The initial 60 minute intake appointment with the psychiatrist is $40 and follow-up 30 minute visits with the psychiatrist are $20.  There is a $50 fee for missed appointment and late cancellations.    This fee is necessary due to the high cost of contracting for psychiatric services.