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University Counseling Center Groups and Classes

Group Counseling FAQ

Group counseling and psychoeducational classes provide students with an opportunity to meet in a safe, supportive setting with other students who share similar concerns and issues.  If you are interested in one of the groups or classes listed below, please talk to your counselor or call (361) 825-2703 for more information. 

Note:  Listed below are a few examples of classes from previous semesters.  Please check back for future offerings.

Stressed Out/Stress Less

This weekly group is for students who are interested in learning creative ways to cope with social anxiety and stress.   Students will participate in a variety of non-physical recreational activities to relieve stress and enhance social skills and self-confidence.   The group will also explore positive coping strategies that students can use to     manage daily stressors.   *A brief 15-20 minute group screening meeting with the group facilitator is required prior to joining this group.  To schedule a group screening meeting, call (361)825-2703.  

Trauma Recovery Group for Women

This group is designed to help trauma survivors understand the cognitive, physical, emotional and relational transformation they have experienced as a result of trauma and give them tools to manage symptoms while empowering healing and discovering strength.    

A Month of Mindful Eating:   A Four Week Class

Would you like to “retrain’ your brain to stop overeating?   Are you wanting to embrace healthier eating habits in 2016 but worried about having the willpower to sustain those changes?   This class will explore factors that sabotage healthy eating habits and mindfulness strategies that can help you get back on track.  This class will  also teach you how to better recognize your body’s natural hunger and  fullness cues  to guide you in choosing when, what and how much to eat.