Group Therapy FAQ

What is Group Therapy?

Research has shown that group therapy is an effective treatment for college students. Many college students are searching for understanding, belongingness, and connections. Group therapy is an excellent vehicle for achieving these important values. Group therapy consists of weekly meetings where four to eight college students meet face-to-face with a facilitator to make progress on their goals. Group members usually find that they have a lot in common with one another and are reassured by knowing that other students also share many of their concerns, fears, challenges and goals. Benefits of participating in group therapy are increased support, greater self-awareness, improved coping skills, enhanced self-esteem, improved trust, and greater emotional awareness.


What is my role as a group member?

To gain the most benefit from group therapy it is important to make a commitment to attend all group sessions. This includes being on time and staying until the end of the group. Members who actively participate in group discussions tend get the most out of their group experience.  Members are encouraged to share their feelings and concerns and to be open to giving and receiving feedback. Providing honest and sincere feedback to other members of the group is a very important part of group therapy. By practicing these interpersonal skills in group, members will gain confidence to utilize them in relationships with other people in their lives outside of group.


What if I feel anxious about participating in group therapy?

It is not unusual to feel some anxiety before starting group therapy. Generally this anxiety will diminish after attending a few group sessions. Most students start to feel quite comfortable with group after the first three sessions and begin to really look forward to attending group and working on their concerns. One of the best ways to reduce anxiety is to continue doing the task or being part of the situation that seems to be causing the anxiety. The nice thing about group is that you will be supported in reducing your anxiety and accomplishing your goals by the group facilitator and other group members. 


What is the role of the group facilitator?

The role of the group facilitator is to help group members feel comfortable in sharing their concerns during group sessions. This includes providing a warm and accepting environment for all group members. Some group facilitators will provide educational information to assist group members in accomplishing their goals.


How do I join a therapy group at the University Counseling Center (UCC)?

Students can come to the Counseling Center located in the Driftwood Building and ask to talk to the Counselor on Duty about current groups being offered. Students who are currently seeing a provider at the Counseling Center can talk to their provider about joining a group.   All students will need to complete a Group Interest Form and complete an intake counseling session with a provider before starting a group. Please call Dr. Nadia Hasan at the Counseling Center at 361-825-2703 if you have any questions about Group Therapy.