When should I talk with a Counselor?

At times, everyone feels stressed out, depressed, angry, anxious, or confused. Sometimes, a good friend or a relative can help. However, there are times when these problems do not go away or they become too overwhelming. These are the times when talking with a counselor can help.

Consider talking with a counselor if you or someone you know has been:

  • drinking too much or taking drugs
  • eating or sleeping differently
  • having difficulty concentrating
  • feeling helpless or hopeless
  • having dramatic mood swings
  • so anxious, afraid, or depressed that everyday activities and relationships have been affected
  • performing poorly at work or school
  • physically, sexually, or emotional abused by others
  • suffering from low self-esteem
  • experiencing conflictual relationships with family, friends, co-workers, or significant others
  • having reactions to an event that are in excess of what might be expected
  • experiencing a crisis or stressful event, like a death in the family, divorce, or break-up of a relationship
  • or thinking about suicide.